Since the inception of Boston Healthcare For the Homeless in 1985 they have paved the way for the homeless healthcare industry. It all began with a vision and the will to make a change for the cities homeless population. This program was born out of the Mass General Hospital. The reigns were handed off to a up and coming Doctor, this is where the foundation was laid for a historic program. It’s like driveway paving, rip out the old and lay down the new. They have done this for the last 25 years and show no signs of slowing down. I had the privilege of working with this organization for 10 years and my tenure their has allowed me to store valuable info in my brain. Almost 25 years later the program has dozens of satellite sites. These sites allow the program to treat the homeless population exclusively.

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Street Outreach


I spent a total of 10 wonderful years in the Human Services/Healthcare field. From 2005-2015 I was dedicated to my cause but in 2015 I walked away. Once again I needed to feed my hunger for a greater challenge.

Let’s rewind for a sec and reflect on a couple things during my time on the outreach team in the street’s of Boston.

I was now apart of the Street Outreach team I was pumped up and ready to rock it out. This is where I would work closer to the MD’s and NP’s I was truly blessed. I was the only case manager on the team so my responsibilities and duties were doubled compared to my admin days in the clinic. I was alright with this, I had no worries and I was eager to start.

The street team consisted of 2 MD’s and one NP we were a tight team, our leader Steve, brought with him years of experience so I knew being new would be a piece of cake. He is the one that actually launched what is known today as BHCHP. Of course there were other people who helped along the way but he was the man on the front lines, in the street showing us the way. I learned many things from Jim, but most importantly I learned that the patients were the most important pieces of who we were.

He was an amazing story teller and always told us stories of patients he encountered on the street. He was filled with ours of stories that captured everyone’s imagination it was amazing.

This is what I want to do right now, share a story about one of my patients Dr. Steve style. This particular patient was in need of the best private Boston Cosmetic Surgeon. This is one of those many stories I will share out of my vault.

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Boston Healthcare For The Homeless Program

As I wrapped up my first year and a half at Bhchp’s clinic site I hungered for a more challenging position. I knew I Bostonhad the skills and the drive to thrive within the organization. My mission was simple I needed to get better so I could help more people on a larger scale. I already knew what I had to do to move on, but I was hesitant to make that leap. I had certain loyalties to the people I already worked with. I built wonderful relationships with several doctor’s and nurses at the clinic. I did not know how to tell them I was planning on to move on to the “big building”. Us folks at the clinic called the BHCHP headquarters the “big building” it’s where everything went down, it was the hub. After some soul searching and deep thought I finally announced to everyone I was moving on. It was bittersweet, I was not leaving the organization but I was leaving some of the best co-worker’s a person can ask for.

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2nd Phase


The 2nd Phase of my personal professional experience in the Human Services/Healthcare field took a turn, not for the worst but the best. I was a causality of the 2008 economic collapse it trickled down to every industry we all felt the backlash and cuts.

When the cuts came they were deep and fierce and most of the employees of PSI were on the block. To the credit of the higher ups they gave everyone a chance to either take a severance package or a new position within the organization. My 4 years in that position was priceless, I met new people and made new friends along the way. I have nothing bad to say about PSI they did take care of me and educated me on how to work with underprivileged men and women in the city of Boston.

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The Beginning

It all started in October of 2005 when I was approached by a friend who had heard of a job opening at the Pine Street Inn Boston, the largest homeless shelter in Boston. I was 19 and a new daddy working at a dead end job scrubbing toilets. I was in need of more income and it needed to happen fast, so this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My friend had been in the healthcare/social work industry for about 20 years and for some reason she believed in a 19 year old to work with the homeless population. When I accepted that job I had no idea how it would change my life, but it sure did forever.

I gladly accepted the offer of Case Manager at the Pine Street Inn Boston. I will not lie when I tell you that it was one heck of an eye opener for me. Boston has a homeless population that goes mostly unnoticed and untreated. I quickly learned that substance abuse, domestic violence, drug use and psychological traumas that go untreated play a big part in the psyche of homeless individuals.

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